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Zombie Run



How will you play? Will you be able to survive against the zombies? Or will you try to catch the lives of the living? 

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Brushcreek Falls RV Resort challenges you to compete in our Zombie Run on Friday, October 20th at 6 PM! Can you make it to the finish line without losing your flags? Humans will be enjoying a scenic run with their health belt along with two flags. Zombies will be hiding in and around the course attempting to take human's health flags. All humans need to do is pass the survival line first-with at least one health flag!

Early Registration Fee for Humans/Zombies: $20 (Credit Card Fee: $1.29) (Before October 1) NO REFUNDS
Registration Fee for Humans/Zombies: $30 (Credit Card Fee: $1.44)(After September 30) NO REFUNDS

Registration Cutoff Date: Monday, October 16
Runner/Zombie Packet Pick-Up: Monday, October 16-Thursday, October 19

Zombie Rules:
Zombies must be 13 by October 20, 2017. 
Zombies may yell and make scary noises but no profanity allowed. 
Zombies will follow the directions for movement limitations provided. 
Zombies may not touch runners or walkers, just their flags! They are only allowed to take one flag from each runner. Zombies are assigned to a specific area within the park. They are not to chase runners. There is the potential to get dirty so wear clothes that you don't mind if they get dirty. DO NOT flag-guard, hit, trip, tackle, push, grab, or intentionally harm another runner, walker OR Zombie.
Zombie check-in begins at 5:00 PM on Friday, October 20.

Runner Rules: 
Runners may be 7 years and older, however we highly recommend that they be accompanied by an adult. Parents please use your discretion when allowing your child to run this event. 
Runners should wear appropriate running attire including shoes. 
If you are wearing a costume, please make sure it does not impede your ability to run safely or impact anyone else. Runners must run the path pre-determined by Brushcreek Falls RV Resort. NO WEAPONS of ANY KIND.Racing bibs should be worn on the front with no alterations.No touching the Zombies.Also, no using profanity. 
Runner Check-in begins at 5:30 PM on Friday, October 20.

Failure to obey rules for both zombies and humans will result in a removal from the event with no refund. 
All participants (humans/zombies) must sign an event participation waiver before the start of the run.

This event will happen rain or shine. Be prepared to run through mud and a small creek.

Brushcreek Falls RV Resort is a tobacco and alcohol free establishment. Participants are not allowed to smoke or drink on the premises. Participants are not allowed to come on the campground while intoxicated.